Removing all the tiles, skipping the layout, or lighting are rookie mistakes you can avoid. Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the rooms that we reform the most in the house. It is the space where we start the day, so it must convey a pleasant atmosphere, help us find everything the first time, be comfortable and offer good light for our personal hygiene. Being an intimate space many times we do not think well about its distribution or the colors that are best in this space, so if you are thinking of reforming it, before starting with the disbursement, take note of classic errors so that, when you start do not regret anything in the works.

Bathroom Managed building process in Puerto Pollensa

Not planning storage

Before launching into the work, we must think about what we are going to keep in this room and how many people are going to use it. Towels, appliances, cosmetics … Choose what you want to have in view and what you prefer to keep stored. Be clear about it before making any decision because you may have seen some auxiliary furniture that is very decorative, but in the end they do not meet our needs. Maybe they are small for everything we want to keep or, on the contrary, their size is so large that they are destined to become a disaster drawer of things that you will not use.

Bathroom Project in Puerto Pollensa

Skip the provision

One of the most uncomfortable things that can happen in a bathroom is having a door that hits the toilets when opened. If this space is small, a solution is to bet on replacing the doors by folding or sliding design, in order to optimize the square meters used for personal hygiene.

Bathroom Projects in Puerto Pollensa

Neglect accessories

It is the small details that make our bathroom ten. When you don’t want to drill into tiles, a toilet paper basket can be a very practical option. Use towels in chromatic tones that create coherence in the whole. A small vase with flowers, a wooden soap dish or maybe even a shower curtain can create a richer and more inclusive atmosphere.

Get rid of tiles

Thinking that the comprehensive reform of a bathroom entails getting rid of your old tiles can be a decision that you pay dearly. There are many options that do not require cutting the floor and walls. Special water resistant paint, vinyl slats that imitate wood, marble, stone, ceramic, concrete or hydraulic tiles are some of them. There is a world of possibilities for those who do not want to get into a pharaonic work and save costs.

Bypass the lighting

When we reform the bathroom we carefully choose furniture and sanitary ware that inhabit it, but we tend to ignore the lighting. In this way we overlook that it is a stay dedicated to our care. Whether the bathroom has a window or not, it is advisable to install several light points to have general lighting that avoids shadows, as well as another that serves as a point focus.

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