Make a project in Mallorca to become the home of your dreams.

We call it the love story, and it is a beautiful one. A holiday to Mallorca and discovering what a precious island is the biggest of the Balearic Islands.

Searching for the perfect property

A few considerations and the desire to have a home in mallorca follow the next trips, and at some point the search for properties in different areas of Mallorca begin. Many people decide to buy a house or an apartment in Mallorca and make real their dream.

Looking for a project start

A different approach is to buy a plot of Land or a property and do a building or a refurbishment project. We think that this is the best decision and a less expensive way to own a well build property in Mallorca, with a good future value as an investment that will provide a good share value at any time.

A new home in Mallorca

But here comes the important part of the decision of a new home in Mallorca. When designing, planning and executing the building or refurbishment project, it is of key importance to have a good partner at your side. We provide our knowledge of more than 35 years in the property market to help you do a smooth, easy and cost effective project. Our projects pages show some examples of our work.

Project based decisions about the property

Why is this so important? Because a building project requires many important decisions to be taken. Further it is fundamental to do a project controlling and keeping an eye on the building site. This is more important in Mallorca or Spain than in other countries because our building tradition is more relaxed due to the good weather conditions. At Mallorca Property Home we understand building from the European point of view, which means well done home building. And being a mid sized company this good handling will not have a repercussion on a high cost as happens with bigger, more bureaucratic companies.

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