Why take a Project Manager in Mallorca?

Develop a property in Mallorca the right way…

To make a decision about taking or not a Project Manager when planning a building, refurbishment or interior changes in your property in Mallorca, can be very easy.

First of all we need to focus on what a project management can do for you. The main tasks during the project development are the checking of the project, communication with the client, controlling of costs as well as development procedures and finally finding solutions to the problems that will arise during the project development.

Project manager in Mallorca

This work reflects in different ways on the final outcome of the project, so that the main advantages are:

  • Cost reduction. Normally the project manager will get different quotes and choose the one with the best outcome. The project cost is constantly being monitored and the extras are controlled and reduced to a minimum.
  • Project controlling. On the development side, it is very important to keep an eye almost constantly. This will ensure that all the building procedures are being done correctly, in time and with the necessary legal, security and the correctly constructive measures.
  • Better project result. An experienced project manager will give advice about some improvements that can be achieved during the project planning, development and finishing. Sometimes it will be details that will make the outcome even more beautiful, other times it will be functional improvements that will affect the energy efficiency, the comfort or various aspects of the development.
  • Stress free projects. In outsourcing the whole project management tasks, the client is giving away a lot of stress that is implicit in any building project and will be able to concentrate on his own tasks. At the same time, if this reduces the overall cost of the project, the outcome is ideal. The important matter is to have a professional, experienced company. Contact us for more information.
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Actual kitchen trends


The kitchen is one of the spaces in the greatest transformation: dark colors, maximum connectivity, minimalism, integration with the living room … Experts say: these are the trends that are being carried.

Kitchen Managed building process in Puerto Pollensa

Wood and dark colors

The resounding tones begin to gain strength at home, entering the kitchen. At the chromatic level, in the furniture, there is a predominance of the dark color. In addition to black, dark green and petrol blue also provide a characteristic accent. These tones are often combined with wooden modules, fundamentally walnut and white oak with marked veins, resulting in “an elegant and warm space”. Also in countertops we see this trend, from pure and homogeneous dark tones, to strongly contrasted with veins. For instance, the Silestone Eternal Noir color has become a global success, standing out in many markets. There is also a recent fondness for contrasts between navy blue coatings (perhaps a nod to the Pantone color of the year?) and aquamarine with woods, in addition, in matte and pastel tones, with vintage echoes. Finally there is the long lasting preference for natural wood, which gives a warmth note to any room and specially in a kitchen project.

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Integration with the living room

The fusion of the kitchen with the living room or the rest of the house transforms the structure of the kitchen cabinet. On the one hand, it integrates with the living room aesthetically, and on the other, it becomes more functional. For example, there is more storage space for food, shelves that hold books, etc.

The idea also works in reverse, with kitchen furniture that is integrated with the living room. Of course, with its own characteristics, provided with doors or modules that hide the kitchen cabinet. Commonly the kitchen will occupy the wall area in a parallel way, and simulate a living room furniture, but which reveals the kitchen when it is in use. This trend is accompanied by the predominance of large islands that connect both spaces, and that become a food handling and storage center, as well as a place to share and experience the kitchen

The island in the kitchen where the cooking area is located is the dream most in demand, and what we aspire to the most. Dispositions in line or parallel fronts is what is most tended to, in addition to guaranteeing a good harmony and balance between the volumes, and ensuring good use of the different functions that make up the work triangle in the kitchen: storing, preparing and Cook.

Apartments Interior design, project management

Straight lines, compact surfaces and minimalism

The trend is to go towards minimalism in the kitchen, and even traditional designs tend to maintain straight lines and cubic shapes.
We are talking about architecture and furniture, formally very simple, and very functional, creating clean and welcoming spaces through the combination of colors and natural materials.

Another trend is sparkling 70’s with 80’s luxury, characterized by the combination of the brightness and ease of the disco night clubs of the 70 with the voluptuous and velvety volumes of the luxurious 80. The beige and sandy finishes stand out. There is a preference for straight and defined silhouettes which are translated into a total integration between the furniture and the countertop, sharing the same material in both Applications. The whole is close to what we call monolithic kitchen: imposing, modern and spectacular. So much so that they believe that it will be the innovation that hits the strongest this year.

Kitchen Interior design, project management

Natural and sustainable 

The search for the natural, organic and sustainable has a strong effect on the manufacture of materials, textures and colors that contemporary designers use for the development of current design. It is a style aware of sustainability and in contact with nature, in which new solutions and innovative and surprising materials arise, which harmoniously unite nature and technology. 

The concept of sustainable living is increasingly integrated into our day to day: the combination of ecology and durability will be a key piece this season. All this combination, in addition to creating spaces closely connected with nature, provides a great wealth of textures.

Including Domotics 

Technology is established in the home through home automation and connectivity. Different types of electronic elements coexist in the kitchen and the trend is that they are increasingly connected to each other. For this reason, appliances such as kitchen robots become relevant, as well as cooking, allowing us to save time and even control the shopping list from a mobile app. Another example can be the extractor hood, which tends to merge with the cooktop. In this way, two electrical appliances are integrated and we can save space, which also highlights the increasing energy classification of household appliances , following the trend towards sustainability that we mentioned earlier.

Technological changes

As we have seen, electrical appliances are not the only elements of the kitchen that implement technological solutions: also surfaces. What is sought is to improve already consolidated products or even innovate with new uses. We find large-format ceramics that reach three by 1.5 meters; easier to clean floors that hardly require maintenance; much more sustainable technological surfaces.

In the kitchen countertop, we are finding a strong presence of high-performance materials, which offer high resistance and durability properties with a natural stone look.


The 5 most common mistakes you make when renovating your bathroom (and how to fix them)

Removing all the tiles, skipping the layout, or lighting are rookie mistakes you can avoid. Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the rooms that we reform the most in the house. It is the space where we start the day, so it must convey a pleasant atmosphere, help us find everything the first time, be comfortable and offer good light for our personal hygiene. Being an intimate space many times we do not think well about its distribution or the colors that are best in this space, so if you are thinking of reforming it, before starting with the disbursement, take note of classic errors so that, when you start do not regret anything in the works.

Bathroom Managed building process in Puerto Pollensa

Not planning storage

Before launching into the work, we must think about what we are going to keep in this room and how many people are going to use it. Towels, appliances, cosmetics … Choose what you want to have in view and what you prefer to keep stored. Be clear about it before making any decision because you may have seen some auxiliary furniture that is very decorative, but in the end they do not meet our needs. Maybe they are small for everything we want to keep or, on the contrary, their size is so large that they are destined to become a disaster drawer of things that you will not use.

Bathroom Project in Puerto Pollensa

Skip the provision

One of the most uncomfortable things that can happen in a bathroom is having a door that hits the toilets when opened. If this space is small, a solution is to bet on replacing the doors by folding or sliding design, in order to optimize the square meters used for personal hygiene.

Bathroom Projects in Puerto Pollensa

Neglect accessories

It is the small details that make our bathroom ten. When you don’t want to drill into tiles, a toilet paper basket can be a very practical option. Use towels in chromatic tones that create coherence in the whole. A small vase with flowers, a wooden soap dish or maybe even a shower curtain can create a richer and more inclusive atmosphere.

Get rid of tiles

Thinking that the comprehensive reform of a bathroom entails getting rid of your old tiles can be a decision that you pay dearly. There are many options that do not require cutting the floor and walls. Special water resistant paint, vinyl slats that imitate wood, marble, stone, ceramic, concrete or hydraulic tiles are some of them. There is a world of possibilities for those who do not want to get into a pharaonic work and save costs.

Bypass the lighting

When we reform the bathroom we carefully choose furniture and sanitary ware that inhabit it, but we tend to ignore the lighting. In this way we overlook that it is a stay dedicated to our care. Whether the bathroom has a window or not, it is advisable to install several light points to have general lighting that avoids shadows, as well as another that serves as a point focus.

Bathroom project management